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- Rock Solid Infrastructure


State of The Art Datacenters

Contina’s solid reputation relies to a large extent on its 7 wholly-owned and operated data centers across North America. For at least some of our customers it may look like basic storage locations designed to save and maintain information. But behind the scenes Contina’s data centers are a global service of large scale and tremendous complexity.

Day by day and… in fact second after second, we’re working very hard to guarantee the successful completion of one major task: the smooth, reliable and uninterrupted operation of our customers’ servers. Everything we do is powered by our strong motivation to assure that your information and applications are safe, secured and fully operational. By utilizing the best possible hardware we are able to deliver unprecedented speeds, high reliability and maximized efficiency. We know that for mission critical businesses and large corporations this is imperative.



No needs are too complex to handle and no demands are too difficult to fulfil. Contina offers highly scalable and flexible solutions to match both basic storage needs and massive resources. Contact Contina’s professional experts now and let us demonstrate the power of our datacenters and solutions.

Networking Your Competence

Online performance today depends on the speed, reliability and scalability of your infrastructure. To outperform your competition you need
to rely on the highest level datacenters, use the latest hosting hardware and place your assets in the hands of the best possible team. We
are your best choice to achieve these goals!

Located close to IXPs and connected by an 7 Tbps fiber optic metro ring is just part of our advantage. Add to it modern datacenters,
outstanding hardware and a group of highly skilled specialized technicians and you immediately identify our unique power: a top-speed, modern and capable hosting service with complete redundancy and minimum latency.


Our Guarantees

Network, datacenters and hardware are all important. That’s why we back our guarantees
with industry leading SLAs

Service Guarantee

Contina guarantees to provide the most professional, reliable customer support around the cloud, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Infrastructure Guarantee

We guarantee that all critical infrastructure components will be available 100% of the time in a given month, excluding pre-scheduled maintenance.

Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee 100% uptime for network and power on all our Cloud, Colocation and Dedicated servers. We back our guarantee with an industry leading SLA.

Our Network Partners

To guarantee 100% uptime, avoid network saturation and maximize efficiency we have partnered with some of the best available networks. Whether outgoing or incoming traffic, we utilize our partners’ networking power to ensure that you reach peak performance at any given time.

Network Partners